First Witness Report

From Jason Talley at Fr33 Agents

At one point one of the police officers frantically yelled out “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!” in reference to one individual, like many, open-carrying. There were several folks carrying and it is legal in the state of New Hampshire. The only people harming others were wearing badges given to them by the government of Nashua, New Hampshire.

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Ridley Report on Cathrine Blishe’s Release

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More From LCL Report

New video from the LCL Report on the arrests in Nashua. Video by arrestee Cathrine Blishe.

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What Happens When Free Staters Get Arrested

So yesterday a large group of Free State Project members and Nashua locals showed up in the park to hold a 420 celebration and partake of some cannabis. As a result one local and two activists were arrested. I just received a proc411 that there is now ANOTHER 420 event to occur in the same park today at 4:20. I hope the Nashua PD realizes that if they attack these peaceful people again, all that will happen is another 420 event, and another after that, and another after that….

Of course the Blue Light Gang isn’t known for learning from their mistakes, so they will likely repeat their folly from yesterday. Anybody from Keene heading to Nashua today? I need a ride. 🙂

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More Video from Nashua

Video from LCL Report now up.

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Squeeze From The Bottom And Flatten As You Go Up.

From The Mises Institute. The market will solve problems, even if it doesn’t tell you it solved the problem.

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Video from 420 arrests.

Via Dave Ridley and the Ridley Report.

First Video Released.

Raw Video #1

Raw Video #2

Qik Video of conversation with Catherine Bleish

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You Don’t Bring Guns to a Snowball Fight

I thought that the 420 arrests would be the worst government overreaction I would see today. Now at Check Your Premises comes this Reason TV video of cops bringing out guns over a snowball fight.

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Arrests in Nashua.

Today at 4:20 a large number of liberty activists, Liberty Forum attendees, and even some Nashua locals showed up in Memorial Park in Nashua. During the course of the event the Nashua Police, both undercover and uniformed officers, showed up and arrested a local individual of darker skin tone on an unknown charge. He has been released on bail. Further arrests were made of 2 liberty activists, David Krouse of Keene, NH, and Catherine Bleish of Saint Louis, MO for unknown charges, most likely the catchall of Disorderly Conduct. Both have at this time been released, though I am not aware of the terms of that release.

The estimates I hear have over 100 people at the park in Nashua and many of them following to the Nashua Police Department to demand the release of all 3 individuals. Many calls were made to New Hampshire’s Porc411 service, and you can hear recordings of the on site activists there. I made an attempt to interview some of the attendees, but due to technical issues, the recordings were no good. That’s what happens when you try to do something both new and important on a time crunch.

In other news from NH, local activist Rich Paul was hassled by the Nashua PD for unknown reasons, and I will be speaking with him tomorrow for details on that incident.

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Mass Arrest in Nashua

At least 3 people have been arrested in Nashua NH today during a 4:20 celebration at NH Liberty Forum. Details to follow.

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