Ron Paul on the Census

Ron Paul is probably the most principled man in Congress. Via Homeland Stupidity we have his views on the upcoming census. The one thing to remember about Dr. Paul is even if he is the most principled man in Congress, he’s still a politician, and we all know how to tell if they’re lying.

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Self Ownership

One of the ideas used to arrive at the Non-Aggression principle is Self-Ownership, the idea that you own yourself. It is at the same time a simple concept to grasp, and a complex idea to apply.

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The Depression of 1921

You don’t remember the first great depression in 1921? I’m not surprised, it’s one of the few times government reacted in such a way that it prevented an economic collapse. Check out this post from IBD.

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Zero Tolerance is Zero Thinking

In what must be the strangest Zero Tolerance story I’ve ever heard, a six year old in Ionia, Michigan has been suspended for forming his hand into the shape of a gun and pointing at people. I wonder how they would have reacted to something like this. Soon the government will be seizing toy guns. Oops, Too Late.

Update 3/2

I mistakenly said the suspended student was a sixth grader.

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Moving on Up?

Last week I posted that the Free State Project may be moving up the Gandhi scale from ridicule to fighting. Now we have this report form FSK on the apparent national move of anarchism from ignoring to ridicule. How long now before we see some real winning?

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The Market for Liberty

If you haven’t read it yet, check out “The Market for Liberty” for a great discussion on the function of a stateless society. There is a youtube video of the first chapter, and the full audiobook and a PDF file are available at

Update 3/8

It seems that is down. I’ll update when the site is back live.

Update #2 3/8

The site is back up. Go get your book now!

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Ubisoft’s EPIC FAIL

Ubisoft created a new kind of “Unbreakable” DRM system for their new games. It requires the paying customer to have an internet connection in order to play a single player game. The “Unbreakable” system was cracked the first day the software was released. Now, the authentication servers are down for an unknown reason, and all those people who bought the game are unable to play. Those with the crack are unaffected. DRM is a bad method to enforce a bad idea.

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Committee to Elect Nobody.

In response to the effort of certain dangerously violent individuals attempting to gain greater coercive power over the people of the geopolitical region known as Cheshire County New Hampshire, a Committee has been formed to elect Nobody to the position of Sheriff.

Nobody is Honest.

Nobody Cares.

Nobody will Fix Things

Nobody Keeps Promises.

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Australian teen arrested for bad taste in music.


A teen in Australia was arrested because police found the lyrics to the rap music he was listening to offensive. I find myself at a loss for words.

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Canada Debases Currency.

It’s quietly mentioned over at the Globe and Mail that Canada’s government is going to replace their nickel based coinage with steel. While nickel isn’t that valuable, it’s more valuable than steel. This is yet another government inflation tactic. They will also be eliminating the paper currency in favor of plastic to fight counterfeiting by parties other than the Canadian government. The good news is that plastic can be recycled fairly easily, so the plastic in the bills might end up being worth more than face value at some point.

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