OTN Video of Nashua 420 Celebration

One of the best parts of activism in New Hampshire is the incredible variety of media being created. When an event happens, there are usually videos streaming live to the internet via Qik.com. Up next comes the Ridley Report, and the LCL Report both of which present a compilation of activist video, audio, and photographs to get the story out, often on the same day. Usually the last to post, and the video I anticipate most, is the work of the Obscured Truth Network. Sam Dodson and the rest of the OTN team always present an incredible, high quality product, and a professional news documentary style that the other activists, because of their valuable focus on rapid communication, cannot match. Today, 4 days after the 420 celebration and arrests in Nashua OTN has uploaded their video of the event.

The work Sam does gives the liberty movement a high quality professionalism, that I feel is essential to spreading the idea of liberty, and demonstrates that this is not a movement of a bunch of kids playing at activism.

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