NH Activists Spreading Information

New Hampshire activist and Free State Project member Mike Barskey was pulled over today just outside of Topeka Kansas. He had been pulled because he did not get out of the passing lane fast enough after a toll booth. After waiting for a K9 unit to sniff his motor-home he was given a warning and sent on his way.

On its own, this event isn’t that interesting. What is interesting is that it is now approximately 1 hour after Mike was pulled over and there are already 2 videos and 7 audio recordings available online of the relatively minor bit of harassment.

In addition I have just learned that area activist Sovereign Curtis has been arrested in Nashua through the same information channels. The speed that activists can spread information is nothing short of amazing, and this is just one more example. Every time the state tries to crack down on peaceful people, their violence is visible to all in mere minutes, not hours, day, or never as it had been in the past.

Barskey’s harassment and audio from Curtis’ arrest is at nh.porcupine411.com

Video of the arrest of Curtis

Video of the harassment of Mike

Video 2 from Mike


Mike was pulled over again in Kansas, cited for not having insurance, even though it’s not required in the state issuing his license and registration (New Hampshire, yet one more reason to move). Another drug dog sniff, this time it triggered, so his motor-home was searched, nothing found and he was sent on his way.

As of 1:30am Curtis is still in Nashua PD custody, has been fingerprinted, but no info on when he might be released.

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  1. Glad Mike is safe. The highwaymen used dogs? Protect and serve? Uhn huh. (eye roll)

  2. What was the basis for the drug dog search? Did they have “reasonable cause” and/or a warrant?


  3. The “Reasonable Cause” was “Cause I want to”. there was no warrant. Mike refused to let them search without one, and that was suspicious enough to them that they sniffed the vehicle. After all, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear right?

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