Arrests in Nashua.

Today at 4:20 a large number of liberty activists, Liberty Forum attendees, and even some Nashua locals showed up in Memorial Park in Nashua. During the course of the event the Nashua Police, both undercover and uniformed officers, showed up and arrested a local individual of darker skin tone on an unknown charge. He has been released on bail. Further arrests were made of 2 liberty activists, David Krouse of Keene, NH, and Catherine Bleish of Saint Louis, MO for unknown charges, most likely the catchall of Disorderly Conduct. Both have at this time been released, though I am not aware of the terms of that release.

The estimates I hear have over 100 people at the park in Nashua and many of them following to the Nashua Police Department to demand the release of all 3 individuals. Many calls were made to New Hampshire’s Porc411 service, and you can hear recordings of the on site activists there. I made an attempt to interview some of the attendees, but due to technical issues, the recordings were no good. That’s what happens when you try to do something both new and important on a time crunch.

In other news from NH, local activist Rich Paul was hassled by the Nashua PD for unknown reasons, and I will be speaking with him tomorrow for details on that incident.

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