What are YOU doing for liberty?

I talk a lot about living in a free society, and removing the coercive force of government from the world, but I often wonder if I’m actually doing anything to create the kind of society I want to live in. That is why I moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. It’s why I’ve started posting more often to this blog, and why I’m working to develop free markets in all sorts of goods here in the free state.

Perhaps the best move I have made to increase my own liberty, and that of others, is to move to New Hampshire. Here I can interact and coöperate with hundreds of liberty activists in a multitude of ways. Since I got here, I have participated in Christmas Caroling at the local jail to cheer the unfortunate victims of state violence caged within, stood up to law enforcement officers trying to infringe on the freedom of the press (Thats me behind the camera at the start of the credits), and engaged in civil disobedience in protest of the unjust war on drugs and abusive caging of  a local activist. I don’t know if these have had any effect on any particular law the state passes, but I hope it has helped raise awareness of the violence in the system.

Here on this blog I make an effort to spread the ideas of liberty and point out the flaws of the state. It is my opinion that the linchpin of state power is their ability to create money from nothing through the use of legal tender laws and fiat currency. Without this appearance of unlimited wealth and power the state would not be able to scare as many people into compliance, so I focus on economics on this blog. Again, I don’t know if it helps, but I doubt it hurts.

Along the same lines, I’m working with many individuals on various projects to create a more free market, with a sound money system. I’ve seen efforts to create private currency, DRO’s, and ordinary businesses that ignore the state and its licensing. While not all of these ideas have been successful, the market learns from failures as well as success.

Most of these efforts seem to be little more than educational, but I believe that if enough people learn the ideas of liberty, and live consistently with them, a free society is inevitable. The real question, if you love liberty, is what are you doing to help.

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