Australian teen arrested for bad taste in music.


A teen in Australia was arrested because police found the lyrics to the rap music he was listening to offensive. I find myself at a loss for words.

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  1. Your rights end where mine begin. You have the right to listen to whatever you like in the privacy of your home or vehicle. But the minute you crank up the volume and lower the windows, you’re encroaching on my right to NOT listen to it. Even if it had been Mozart, blasting it out the window of a parked vehicle is a violation of noise/nuisance ordinances.

    Remember Robby, next door to us in Asheville? He used to play (c)rap music out in the driveway when he was shooting hoops with his buddies. We had an agreement: If I could hear it inside my house, I would put on Willie Nelson on my stereo (which was WAAY more powerful than his boom box) and make him listen to my “(c)rap music”. He kept the volume down, and we peacefully co-existed for many years.

    • From the article:
      “They stuck their head in his half-open window and were very offended by the lyrics”(emphasis added.)

      Entirely different. Even if it had been blasting music, the better response is to ask him to turn the music down. Sticking him in a cage solves nothing.

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