Why anarchy is a moral issue

I’m having a bit of writers block on my post discussing morality so I figured I’d try to explain why the position of anarchist is essentially a moral issue. The primary moral theory behind anarchism is “It is never good for any person, or group of persons, to INITIATE the use of force.” Government, by it’s very nature must initiate force in some capacity, therefore it is evil. Finally, there is no such thing as a necessary evil in the world.

The idea that it is wrong to initiate force is easy to see in current society. Parents teach their children “Don’t throw the first punch”, and some add “but throw the last.” In some firearms training you’re given the idea that “The bad guy has it easy, he has to draw first and shoot first, the good guy has to draw second and shoot first.” Even the government recognizes this to some degree in that police cannot, in theory, use deadly force except in response to deadly force. Fundamentally this is a widely accepted idea, except when it comes to the idea of government itself.

Imagine if you will a government that is constitutionally forbidden to initiate force. It collects taxes voluntarily, doesn’t start wars, and allows the people to live their lives in peace. Let us suppose that I find the government’s court system to be slow and inefficient, and set up my own system where people can hire my company to investigate crime and gain restitution from the criminal along the lines of an anarchist DRO. In order to remain a government, an not just another DRO, the government would have to stop me through the use of force, thus loosing it’s moral place of not initiating force. So much for that constitution thing.

A necessary evil is a contradiction in terms. Evil, by it’s nature is destructive of life, which is never necessary. Keeping an evil institution, such as government, around is just asking for an evil person to take it over. Even Hitler and Stalin would have been little more than small time thugs if they had not been able to take over the violent, and evil, power of the state. By allowing one evil to survive, no matter how “necessary” it seems to be, is inviting greater evil to take it over and use it.

Ultimately, Anarchy is a state of moral consistency. The non-aggression principle is universally applicable, and already widely accepted, except for government. Government is violent, and therefore evil, by nature. Evil is never necessary, and allowing it to exist only invites more evil. I’ll be discussing morality more over the next few weeks, if I can get over this block.

***Update 9-15***

I wasn’t happy with the way this post ended so I added a bit more in.

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